How to play “Cripple Creek”

Let’s get on with learning to play “Cripple Creek”:

The song is played by playing the following five measures, (the first part , or the “A” part) and then repeating them, then going on to the second box below, (which is the second half of the song, or the “B” part) and then playing those measures twice. The whole song is shown in its entirety at the end of this page….

First part of the song(usually called the “A” part):

Here is a photo of the left hand finger position for the first four notes in the third measure above. Notice that it is the first and third fingers that are employed, and the second finger is not fretting the string for this particular section:

The following are the second half (the second 4 measures, usually called the “B” part) of “Cripple Creek”. Play them twice in a row(repeat them.)

Full tabs: Cripple Creek Tabs


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